Procida Island

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A hidden gem.

Procida is like an oyster, a crab, a red gorgonian. It’s a quiet and small land with an incredible story to tell, a story written by sailors, fishermen, adventurers. Procida is a cranky pearl. It is a discrete, quiet island, the smallest one in that paradise known as Gulf of Naples. It’s an ancient place, made of lost and as old as time lifestyle. Procida is a sculpture made of golden tuff embedded in the Mediterranean blue.

When someone decides to come to visit Procida, is because you got called by nature, silence, magic. Procida is a feeling, a place to rest your soul, a treasure trove, and you can find Graziella, the lemons, the “Mailman”, Holy Friday Procession, Arturo and all her untold stories hidden in a secret treasure trove. It’s the place where culture and art mix together, where free and creative spirits love to get lost.

Located between Ischia and the Flegrean area, Procida has a volcanic origin. The shape of the islands suggests that it derives from four craters. One of them used to connect Procida to Vivara, the natural reserve that today by a bridge.

Procida has five bays, and because of its small size it can be hit by winds from any direction.

It was also called “the short” by Savino, because of the highest point of the island, that doesn’t even reach 100m. Beside its size, the island is very populated: 11.000 inhabitants on a small surface, 4 km squared.
Procida is not an ordinary place to spend your vacation, it’s a place to discover, surrounded by the sea and its own traditions, heritage, culture, nature, cuisine, architecture, archeology and more that will leave your soul breathless.