Ciraccio - Procida

The largest beach on the island …

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If you are looking for some time for yourself, this is the perfect spot, where you will enjoy some amazing sunsets while the wind whispers through your hair.
This area hosts camping, and it is known for the longest beach on the island.
On an historical side, because of the beach length, which links “Punta Serra” with “Santa Margherita Vecchia”, locals have divided the beach on two sides: “Ciraccio” and “Ciracciello”, this trait starts where the boardwalk Cristoforo Colombo begins.
As a natural board marker we have two small sea stacks made of tuff, which used to be linked to the coast, forming a natural arch. This amazing view, along with a clear sight of Ischia in the background, Is the perfect frame to enjoy a drink while watching at the sunset.
A hidden gem of this location is a hidden beach on the eastern side, that is reachable only by boat or swimming.