Solchiaro - Procida

Where Earth, Sky and Sea meet each other …

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Solchiaro is one of the most inner locations of the island, but it offers the best sights: on the western side there is a beautiful view of Santa Margherita, Vivara and Ischia. On the eastern side you can enjoy the view of Naples and its coastal area, Sorrento’s coast and Capri. Solchiaro, along with Pizzaco and Carbonchio bay is a destination point for those who love to enjoy a day at the beach surrounded by nature, rocks, silence and a little bit of time for themselves.
The sea environment around Solchiaro is rich in marine flora (corals, sponges, red gorgonia) and fish. There also sunken wrecks, witnessing misadventures happened in the past.
Back on the land, the path that link Solchiaro to Piazza Olmo is called by locals “Panoramica” which means overview: this name was given because of the amazing sight that the place offers, combined with the chance to enjoy a nice walk surrounded by nature, right by “Palazzo Guarracino”, one of the most ancient building on the island, once used a resting place for the Naples Real Family.
The quiet of the place is broken by the kids playing in a tiny playground. Lately this area has become a meeting point for runners, who can enjoy a beautiful sight while practicing some sports.