Vivara - Procida

A green spot lying on the deep blue …

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The small, mysterious and unspoiled Vivara is an authentic natural jewel, and a must go for archeologists and environment groups.
Once linked to Procida by a crag, the small island born from volcanoes stands by 100 m away from Old Santa Margherita’s cape. From 1969 the two spots have been linked through a walking bridge, which also provides help for the structure that supplies water for both Ischia and Procida.
On its perimeter, which develops for 3 km with a highest peak of 109 m several paths cross each other, surrounding a unique wilderness. The once most populated area of the island has now totally abandoned in favor of its wildlife. The only building on the island is the “casa di caccia” (the hunt’s house). From its terrace you can admire a beautiful sight of the whole regional coastal area.
Vivara is known to be the “birds island”: 200 different species have been listed as resident or migratory birds.
The archeological findings are countless, most of them are from the Mycenean age.
The seabed are one of a kind, rich in “Poseidonia”, a place to easily fall in love for for the diving and fishing lovers.Vivara has been nominated “Protected natural oasis” in 1974 and “National natural reserve” in 2002.