Terra Murata - Procida

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In the last few years – also because of far sighted political decisions- Terra Murata is reclaiming its spot as the beating heart of the island. This transformation has been possible after the huge restauration of the Santa Margherita Nuova area, which has become the cultural core of the island, thanks to its rich historical background, combined with one of the most iconic views in Italy, Corricella. Another key role is played by the former national penitentiary and its amazing gardens. The whole structure will be involved in a massive recovery project. At the moment, one of its wings is open to visits. Guided tours are available. Last but not least, another attractive pole is the Holy Friday Museum. This place recalls the history of this event, which represents the highest peak of local heritage and culture. The Holy Friday’s rituals are the perfect mix of art, traditions, devotion and passion. If you never had the chance to visit Procida in that time of the year, this museum will tell you a story you will soon feel in love with.