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“Marina Chaiolella”, one of the three harbors on the island, is the most tourist friendly area of the island, because of its beach (the longest on the island) made of volcanic sand and not very deep sea.

Once mainly employed in agricultural production, after the population increase in 18th century it has developed an architecture that looks like the one established in Marina Grande and Marina Corricella.
The signature building is “San Giuseppe’s Sanctuary” (1836) with its pinkish bell tower with a big round block on each side of it.

Marina Chaiolella has an amazing small harbor where hundreds of boats dock in every year. It is dominated by Santa Margherita on the eastern side, where the old “Cenobio Benedettino” (8th Century) was hosted and on the western side by Solchiaro, once chosen by royal families to host their hunting season.

The harbor, which lies on a former volcanic crate is animated by a lot of restaurants and cafès. This is where the local tourism business history had stated.
On an historical side, because of the beach length, which links “Punta Serra” with “Santa Margherita Vecchia”, locals have divided the beach on two sides: “Ciraccio” and “Ciracciello”, this trait starts where the boardwalk Cristoforo Colombo begins.
As a natural board marker we have two small sea stacks made of tuff, which used to be linked to the coast, forming a natural arch. This amazing view, along with a clear sight of Ischia in the background, Is the perfect frame to enjoy a drink while watching at the sunset.