Corricella - Procida

A postcard from Procida

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One of the most amazing places in the Mediterranean and in the world.

La marina più dolce, più seducente, più romantica. E’ un mondo a parte. Un appuntamento con la magia, la poesia, l’amore! E’ il rifugio che tutti sognano. Amata da scrittori, poeti, artisti. E’ in questo presepe a cielo aperto che l’indimenticabile Massimo Troisi scelse di ambientare il suo celebre film “Il Postino” dopo il quale il borgo ha cominciato a modificare le proprie sembianze da villaggio di pescatori a location tra le più gettonate nel panorama turistico mondiale

This is the sweetest, most seducing and characteristic Marina in Procida. Corricella has its own rules. A place where poetry, love and magic combine. It’s the shelter that everybody had dreamed of. Inspiration for writers, poets, artists. This is where Massimo Troisi set his last movie, “The mailman”. After that, Corricella changed its shape: from local fishermen village to one of the most pictured and visited location in the whole world. Another trademark of Corricella are the pastel colors used to paint the houses, set as an ancient roman theatre that develops right in front of the sea, surrounded by the fishermen’s nets lying on the quay. This is the perfect frame for all the restaurants that have recently opened.

The history of the name Corricella has different theories: Greek derivation (Kurè Kalles) or from the Italian word “corsa” (lit. run), that was what the inhabitants had to do when the invaders attacked the coast. The architecture is one of a kind: a mix of arches, stairs, windows, dome, that all together set one of the most representative building in the whole world.

No cars are allowed in Corricella: the only two ways you can reach it is walking or by boat. There are three stairs that lead you there. The first one are right in front of the small “San Rocco’s Church”, that split in two different paths, and the other one is the recently built stairs that have an amazing terrace on top of it that gives you an amazing view of Terra Murata and Capri.

Corricella is a timeless place, and it is very hard to find the right words to capture its spirit. It is necessary to go and live it, staring at the blue and all the colors that make this place a one of a kind wonder.