Marina Grande - Procida

The perfect mix between yesterday, today and tomorrow …

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Procida’s first postcard is “Marina Grande” also known as “Sent’Co”, slang for Sancio Cattolico, and its name comes from the important role that the place played in the religious life of all the seamen living in Procida. The harbour was built here because this is the closest side of the island to the land, and this is where locals have built their colorful houses. As soon as your boat docks in you can admire a fabolous landscape made with mediterranean architecture with a sprinkle of arab tradition. The most important witness of this contamination is Palazzo Merlato.

Palazzo Montefusco (XII sec.), also known as Palazzo Catena is another  historical building in the area. Because of an alley that divide this building from Palazzo Merlato, locals have started since 1950 to distinguish the part lying on the port as “Palazzo Merlato”, and “Palazzo Catena” the other building standing on the opposite side of the port.

Marina Grande, that has two amazing beaches on both ends measures around 800m and is protected by four cliffs where fishermen and lovers love to spend their time.  The one on the eastern side is called “La Lingua” o “La croce”. The one on the western side is known as “Le Grotte” or “Del Cannone”, this name comes from an old cannon enshrined in a rock a few metres away from the shallow

Right below the typical houses built with arched windows with tall balconies looking at the sea,  there is a huge variety of shops, bar, restaurants, pubs and pizzeria that transform the area in the nightlife hotspot of the island. Along the boardwalk we can admire The wooden Cross from 1845 and “Santa Maria della Pietà” church, built over the rests of an old ‘600 Chapel in 1760, also known as “Chiesa dei Marinai”, because it was founded by a group of sailors, “Pio monte dei Marinai”, who provides assistance for sailor’s families. Right in front of the church there’s a square, where most of the local festival and activities take place. Right after is where the touristic area of the port starts: here we can find the only cinema on the island, Procida Hall, and the famous Nautical School “Francesco Caracciolo” (The oldest in Europe at 170 years of age) .