Cottimo - Procida

A corner of magic between Land and Sea …

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A paradise hidden in the green, “Cottimo”, has always been a landmark for those who love quiet, nature and silence. By the way, this location is between two of the nicest beaches of the island : “Pozzovecchio” made of volcanic sand, famous to be chosen as Massimo Troisi’s last movie set (“Il postino”) and “Il faro” (lit. “The lighthouse”), which is made of rocks.
“Cottimo” has a strong rural identity, with amazing paths surrounded by lemon, orange, olives and grape trees. The area is characterized by a strong devotion to “Madonna della Libera’s church”, which has developed in time as one of the most active social and cultural poles of the island. Once a benedictine women monastery, it has a layout that reminds a Latin Cross with three aisles and a bell tower. A 16th Century painting stands right over the altair.
Another historical building in the area is the “Torre di avvistamento” (lit. Watch Tower) one of three ancient towers that stood over the island.
“Cottimo” has amazing views, from this spot you can see Ischia on the western side and the Vesuvius on the other side, this place is one of the few areas where the wild spirit of the island is still untouched, and where we can easily catch the meaning of the words that the novelist Elsa Morante chose to describe Procida in her masterpiece “Arturo’s island”.
Here is where our B&B is located: our name, “Mediterraneo” is how we pay respect to the perfect mix of colors, smell, tradition, sea and heritage that has always connected different cultures.